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UME Legends is a site meant for sharing.  Sharing the positive ways in which these legendary marriages have impacted us and our marriages.

“Life without stories is more or less a gray collection of harsh realities.” 

Please share your story with us.  Don’t worry about making mistakes, we’ll be sure to look through it and make it pretty.  

The most important thing is that you share your story and your connection with our legends.  It doesn’t have to be long 5-10 sentences are ideal.  

If you have a photo of a legendary couple please submit that here also. 

Ham and Eggs

The ham and eggs award is all about sacrificial giving.  While many are ready to give something of their time and resources, every year there is one couple that gives of themselves over and above.  For this couple we award them the ham and eggs award.


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Anyone who has been on a marriage encounter weekend will tell you of the wonderful gift they received.  Every couple on a weekend is in fact supported by another couple who wants to pass along the gift they received.  Won't you please consider giving the gift of a weekend to another couple?

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History of UME

Most happy endings are preceeded by a good story.  And United Marriage Encounter is no different.  From humble beginings to an international marriage ministry, the ride has been anything but boring.  So come reminisce with us.



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