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The legacy of United Marriage Encounter… Made possible by the generous donations of Marv Lindsey in honor of his wife Sara Lindsey. 

Our Story

UME Legacy is a site dedicated to honoring those great marriages that have had a positive impact on the marriages around them.  Some of those legacies have already received their eternal reward and others are still active in Marriage Encounter; but in either case we owe them a great debt.

This site is our THANK YOU!

Thank you for being examples that we could look up to.  Thank you for being our shoulder to cry on.  Thank you for loving one another, and for loving us.

Words cannot express properly the gratitude we feel toward you all, but it is a good start.  THANK YOU!

Peter and Matti Wong

Married: 9/25/1988 Encountered: February 2005 Location: Shanghai, China Roles: Financial Couple, Executive/Contact...

Phil and Claudia Cargill

Married: 10-13-1963 Encountered: 1987 Location: IA-IL Roles: Staff, Admin, Deeper Lay, Assistant Executive Couple,...

Rick and Nancy Grace

Married 7-12-1975 Encountered:1989 Location: Peoria, IL Roles: Community Financial Couple, Community Secretary...

Bob and Ann Diederich

Married 4-12-1969 Encountered:1994 Location: Orlando, Fl. Roles: Executive Couple 2001-2009, Investment Committee...

Phil and Marlene Bauman

Married 5-19-1956 Encountered:1988 Location: Hong Kong Roles: Deeper Clergy, Clergy Executive Couple, Expansion...

Mike and Jo Anne Ruby

Married 3-22-69 Encountered: 1976 Location: Worldwide – Kansas City Married 3-22-69 Roles: Staff member Status:...

Did you Know?

Your Story

Many UME couples are leaving a legacy with the positive role their marriages have played in the lives of others.  Of course it would be impossible to know all of those who are deserving.  So, who did we miss?  We need your help!  Nominate a United Marriage Encounter legacy here.

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Ben and Barb Newcomb

Ben and Barb Newcomb

Married 6-3-1957 Encountered:1980 Location: IA-IL Roles: Executive Couple (1992 – 1997) , Admin Team, Deeper Lay Team, Celebration Committee Chair Couple, Celebration Committee Ham and Eggs: 2000 Status: Retired Team What makes them legends Under Ben's & Barbara’s...

Dave and Jeanie Stanley

Dave and Jeanie Stanley

Encountered: 1979
Location: IA-IL
Roles: Executive Couple (1983 – 1990) – Admin, Deeper Lay, Executive Couple, Secretary, Treasurer Board, Executive Committee, Investment Committee, Assistant Secretary, and WORC.

Marv and Sara Lindsey

Marv and Sara Lindsey

Married 9-1-1962 Encountered:1981 Location: New Jersey Roles: Board members, Admin Team Ham and Eggs – 1991 Status: Marv Survives What makes them legendsMarv and Sara Lindsey served as the first New Jersey Community Executive Couple. Couples in New Jersey sparked...


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The ham and eggs award is all about sacrificial giving.  While many are ready to give something of their time and resources, every year there is one couple that gives of themselves over and above.  For this couple we award them the ham and eggs award.


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History of UME

Most happy endings are preceeded by a good story.  And United Marriage Encounter is no different.  From humble beginings to an international marriage ministry, the ride has been anything but boring.  So come reminisce with us.


About us

We can all think of those marriages that had a lasting impact on our own marriages, but rarely do we have a space to recognize. United Marriage Encounter has seen so many of these legendary marriages that we wanted a space to pay homage to them, to remember their contributions to marriage, and to celebrate those marriages that have had such an impact on our lives.

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